Think of yourself…you want to be your best, mentally and physically. What “lifts you up" to achieve this health is Standup Paddling! However, you can’t just dabble at it and expect benefits you need a routine and this takes personal motivation with goal setting! Also it’s more rewarding when you’re good at it! It’s not “practice makes perfect,” its “perfect-practice makes perfect”. The very best thing for skill development and motivation is to enter, in Standup Paddle events

Get the concept that you participate in standup paddle races to improve and give purpose to your paddling. Youíre really racing yourself, not the big fish in the pond!

SUP racers should participate; enjoy the great "gathering" created by an event and all the camaraderie. It's fun, fun, fun and you get better and better.

SUPpar© is a concept to encourage SUP racers to enter at least three races per year and track their personal performance progress. It's as easy as 1,2,3.

  • Choose and total your best three race finishes per series.
  • Your placing number in a race is your number of points
    (except 1st is .75).
  • The lowest three-race total is your SUPpar.

Track your personal performance progress and gain bragging rights when you improve! By entering more than three races, you can throw out the worst scores and improve your top three total! Keep your scorecards and compare year to year.

SUPpar© is customized to you by you. There are multiple ways to score yourself. For example, every SUP race has overall finish results and age group/board size category results. You can keep a SUPpar© scorecard for both! Also, a SUP race series may include three or more downwind races, distance races, or buoy-rounding races. You can keep a separate scorecard for each type of race!

Click here to download your 2019 Oregon Zone SUP Races SUPpar scorecard.

Click here to download your 2018 Bend Triple Crown SUP Series SUPpar scorecard.

For Race Directors only:
SUP Race Series are usually created when a regions race directors get together and plan the dates for their events, so they donít conflict. They also promote each others races but rarely, if ever, track regional standings of the participants. Itís hard enough producing results for one race, a nightmare for a series. Yet, series scoring would be appreciated by the racers and the idea that they would enter more races to better their score increases participation in the whole race series. SUPpar© is the way to achieve this, win-win!

SUPpar© is a not-for-profit concept developed by Randy Barna Sports, Inc. A race series may achieve permission to use the copyright for scorecards and internet downloads if they follow a few simple rules. Donations are accepted. ________________________________________________